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My name is Charlie Penders. I am a hobby photographer. I love to look at a photo and imagine what I can do with it; to either highlight a specific color ('color pop' aka 'splash' photography), or to morph photos with other images.

You may have  spotted some weird looking bunnies (or are they kitties?) in one of my galleries, and if you like what you see, I can do something similar for your furry felines or any other pets you may have as well! And yes, I can do the same with people's images, just send me what you have and what you are thinking of and we can work it out together. Art is readily available at $5 USD/pc or $10-$25 US per request. Let's create!!

I am absolutely obsessed with old photographs and love to restore them if desired (some are just best left untouched right? If you have any old damaged photos you would like me to restore for you, please contact me! 

Restoration fees vary between $10-$25 USD per photo.


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